We love cashmere!

We put all our passion and love into creating our cosy, extra-sophisticated cashmere collection, so that when you wear one of these styles, it brings a touch of luxury to daily life.

We only use high-quality cashmere yarn from young goats for our cashmere pieces - and you can feel it. But it wouldn’t be Oui without that loving attention to detail: beautiful decorative seams, intricate hand stitching and intarsia and elegant colours make our products unique and special.

And with the right care, you can enjoy your Oui cashmere product for a very long time to come.

How best to care for your cashmere garments:

1. Washing

Cashmere garments are rarely washed because cashmere is largely odour resistant. Washing does make the fibres settle, however, thus preventing pilling. We therefore recommend that you wash knitwear after you have worn it five times; between washes simply let it air.
TIP: We always recommend a low-speed, cold wool cycle rather than washing by hand, as excessive and irregular pressure increases the risk of felting.


2. Drying

Cashmere garments should always be dried flat, preferably on a towel on a drying rack. The towel will absorb the moisture better and still allow enough air to circulate and help with the drying process.

3. Pilling

After washing and drying most fibres will have settled. The remaining excess fibres can be removed with our cashmere comb. Lay the knitwear on a clean, hard surface and gently comb in one direction to remove the small bobbles.


4. Storing

Cashmere garments are best stored flat in a cool, dark place.
TIP: Use small fragrant bags filled with natural lavender and cedar wood to protect your cashmere garments against moths.