We’ve got some Oui wrapping tips for you, so that your gifts are just as striking as you are when you’re wearing your favourite outfit. It’s easy to create that great wow effect! All you need is a little skill and a few simple tools. We’ll show you how, step by step.

Gift bags

Let’s get going! Choose the style that you would like to wrap. You’ll need a pair of scissors, a Oui paper bag, a ribbon and some tissue paper. 

Fold the style so that it easily fits into the bag, then carefully wrap it in the tissue paper.  Remove the handles from the bag and put the wrapped sweater inside. For the final touch, thread the ribbon through the holes in the bag. The personal Oui gift tag also goes very well with this, so that everyone gets the right gift. Tie the ribbon into an attractive bow to top it off. Done!

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Stay safe, stay beautiful! That’s especially true this Christmas. But you can also look great, for example, with our Oui masks. 

Choose a box, line it with tissue paper or wrap the style in it. Then, put everything into the box, close it and tie a ribbon around it. You can add a sprig of pine and a Oui gift tag to give it a festive touch. Done!

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