The Oui story stretches back more than half a century. Back then, during the economic optimism of the early fifties, Munich started to blossom into a metropolis. Admittedly, Paula Gottesdiener did not have long dresses on her mind when she started to make children's clothes in her small studio in Schwabing, a district in Munich. But she did lay the foundation for a thriving family business.

Paula and her husband first made clothes under the label "LaGotte". The name "LaGotte" is made up of letters taken from their name. Both came to Germany after the Second World War and built their company from scratch. They were guided by what they and many other people didn't have - pretty and functional clothes for children. In the sixties, Nathan, Paula's and Mendel's son, discovered the world of women's clothing.

Nathan and his wife Yael shifted the focus of the company to young fashion for women by launching the "Miss Lagotte" brand. Running the company in the second generation, Nathan started to focus on very high-quality women's fashion beside the existing collection. The company changed its name to Oui in the mid-seventies. Say yes to life. A positive attitude to life condensed in 3 letters. In the era of platform shoes and flares, they had the slogan "die junge Masche aus München" ("young knit from Munich"). This clearly showed where home was. But Oui was now available worldwide, as in the meantime, Nathan and his wife Yael had turned the company into a successful international entity.

Then in 1998 the time was ripe for the third generation to take the helm. Maya, Nathan's and Yael's daughter, assumed control of the progressive design collection SET. Her brother, Daniel Gottesdiener, became responsible for Oui and global sourcing. And Alon Junger, her husband, was in charge of sales and marketing for the entire Oui group.


We are inspired by women – we create collections for them, tailor-made to suit their fascinating personalities, down to the very last detail. Our style is serene and unique. Fashionable, full of joie de vivre and effortlessly fashion-conscious, completely in line with the uncompromising individual character of the Oui woman. The Oui woman of today loves being a woman and expresses this with her clothes – naturally and confidently. Our fashion lets her live this feeling. Fashion, which is always a little different but always true to itself. Distinctive and unique.

Fashion for us is playful, colourful and innovative. It is extravagant and ignores the norm. Women who wear our clothes are confident, sincere and have their own style. They do not follow rules, they are open-minded and have an outgoing attitude. Our keywords KNIT . PRINT . LOVE stand for knitwear that celebrates craftsmanship to the full, unique prints that are playful and exclusive as well as our love for everything we do and what we can do best - create new fashion - always made with love.

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