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Textile care symbols - what the washing symbols mean for your styles

Of course, we want you to have fun and enjoy your Oui clothes as long as possible. For this, the right care is in the first place. How which garment should be washed, ironed or dried is explained by the washing symbols on the label. We want to show you what these care instructions mean and how you can best care for your favorite Oui piece.

The five basic symbols of care for textiles

If you follow the washing symbols, nothing stands in the way of the correct care of your laundry. They tell you how to handle which textiles correctly in order to care for them gently and sustainably. Worldwide (with the exception of the USA and South Korea), there are five standardized pictograms that represent the corresponding care instructions: Washing, Bleaching, Drying, Ironing and Dry Cleaning. Moreover, these are available in different variants and are a recommendation of the manufacturer. Here we show you the meaning of the symbols and what importance they have for your textiles.

Directly to the washing symbols


Washing and spinning - washing symbol bucket

With the first washing symbol, the bucket, you get all the information about the basic washability, the right temperatures or even special features that need to be considered when washing the garment.

1. The care symbol "bucket" covers the entire range of washing as well as providing you with all the important information about the washing and spinning cycle.

2. Bucket with number: This is the maximum temperature at which the garment may be washed.

3. bucket with number & bar: Here you have to pay attention to both the maximum temperature and the spin speed. A bar under the bucket means gentle cycle.

4. bucket with number & two bars: wash in special cycle with maximum temperature.

5. bucket with hand: only hand wash is recommended.

6. bucket with a line through it: the garment should not be washed here.


Bleaching - washing symbol triangle

Second on the label is the triangular symbol for bleach. This refers primarily to the ingredients and formulation of your detergent. Since this often contains brighteners, which are good for white clothes but rather unsuitable for colored textiles, special attention should be paid here.

1. empty triangle: bleaching allowed

2. triangle with a line through it: bleaching is not recommended.

3. triangle with the letters "CL": bleaching with chlorine

4. triangle with two stripes: Bleaching with oxygen


Drying - washing symbol square

Here you can find out how to dry your laundry via the square symbol. A distinction is made between drying in the machine or in the air. Lines inside the square mean that the material should dry naturally in the air. Vertical lines mean drying on the clothesline.

1. square with empty circle: drying in the dryer possible

2. square with circle and dot: drying in gentle programme at low temperature.

3. square with circle and two dots: Drying in the standard programme

4. square with three vertical stripes: clothes should be dried dripping wet

5. square with three vertical stripes and two diagonal stripes: drip-dry in the shade

6. square with diagonal stripes: Textile does not tolerate direct sunlight

7. square with horizontal line and diagonal lines: Dry lying down in the shade

8. square with horizontal lines: textiles should be dried lying down.

9. square with two diagonal lines and a semicircle at the top: Dry on the line in the shade

10. square with semicircle: drying on the line

11. crossed-out square: clothes must not be dried by machine.


Washing symbol iron

The fourth symbol is relatively self-explanatory - the iron. However, here you also need to pay attention to the characters in the symbol, which are crucial for care.

1. empty iron: Ironing possible

2. iron with one dot: ironing at maximum 110 degrees Celsius without steam

3. iron with two dots: Ironing at a maximum of 150 degrees Celsius without steam.

4. iron with three points: Ironing at a maximum of 200 degrees Celsius without steam.

5. crossed-out iron: Ironing is not recommended

6. iron with crossed-out steam: ironing without steam

Dry cleaning

Washing symbol circle – chemical cleaning

The circle is the washing symbol for dry cleaning. Some textiles cannot be washed at home, but must be professionally treated in a laundry. Here, solvents are often used instead of water, which, for example, remove stains from even the most delicate fabrics.

1. empty circle: dry cleaning possible

2. crossed out empty circle: No professional dry cleaning.

3. circle with W: Professional wet cleaning

4. circle with W and one bar: Gentle, professional wet cleaning

5. circle with W and two bars: Very gentle, professional wet cleaning

6. circle with P: Dry cleaning with perchloroethylene

7. circle with P and one bar: Gentle, dry cleaning with perchloroethylene

8. circle with P and two bars: very gentle dry cleaning with perchloroethylene

9. circle with F: Dry cleaning with hydrocarbons

10. circle with F and one bar: gentle dry cleaning with hydrocarbons

11. circle with F and two bars: Very gentle dry cleaning with hydrocarbons.

What clothes should go to the professional textile care?

Some textiles should in no case be cleaned in the washing machine. This could destroy the fibers, the clothes lose their shape stability or colors fade. Stubborn stains and delicate fabrics should therefore be given to a professional dry cleaner, who will treat the fabrics with the appropriate chemical solvents. If the washing symbol bucket is crossed out, it is recommended to take the garment to the professional dry cleaner.

Washing symbols table

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