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Derived from nature, made into true all-rounders with technology and indispensable to us in their fields of application - discover these great fibers and pay attention to their proper care.

Viscose & Modal

Combines the advantages of synthetic fiber, cotton and silk, is versatile, allergy-friendly and, because it is produced from wood fibers, is also an ecologically good choice.


  • Viscose is obtained from eucalyptus, pine and beech wood by means of a wet spinning process
  • Viscose gives fabrics a soft handle and smooth drape
  • Has pleasant wearing properties, color fastness and luminosity
  • Has a great sheen, cool handle and high suppleness


  • When further additives are used in the spinning process of viscose to provide more strength, modal is produced
  • Softer and at the same time stronger than viscose
  • Also has improved tear resistance
  • Often used in blends with cotton for high quality products


"Tencelâ„¢" (brand name) and is obtained from the wood of eucalyptus trees in an environmentally friendly process.


  • Is obtained from the wood of eucalyptus trees
  • Has a silky, soft feel and thus a pleasant wearing comfort
  • Has a high strength
  • Is ideal for summer clothing due to rapid drying


Also known as copper silk, this fiber has similar properties to viscose, is composed of cellolose regenerates, and is popular for lining garments.


  • Is also called copper art silk
  • Is breathable and stain resistant
  • Its wearing properties and washability are comparable to viscose

Acetate & Triacetate

A popular material for lightweight garments and is also called artificial silk because of its sheen.


  • Silk-like, elastic man-made fiber.
  • Is quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant and is popular for summer and sportswear
  • Is obtained by the dry spinning process
  • Cuddly and has a matt-shimmering sheen