Absolute perennial favorites in modern fashion. They are flexible, durable and especially in combination with other fibers, their indispensability for many garments becomes apparent. What makes them so special and what you need to do to care for them, you can find out here.


Now one of the most common materials in fashion, due to its versatility and stability. Popularly used from wrinkle resistant tops to outdoor styles.


  • Fully synthetic fiber that is used pure or blended with natural fibers
  • Has high tear and abrasion resistance
  • Is wrinkle-resistant and very dimensionally stable, which makes especially pleated fabrics last for a long time
  • In addition, the fiber has a high light and weather resistance
  • rPET is recycled polyester used for sustainable clothing


Fine as silk, yet as tear-resistant as classic denim. Known primarily for the nylon tights, it is now impossible to imagine sports and leisure fashion without it.


  • Is obtained by the melt spinning process
  • Has a high tear and abrasion resistance
  • Low tendency to wrinkle and good dimensional stability
  • Polyamide is often blended with natural fibers


Popularly blended with wool due to its bulky, wool-like character and produced by both wet and dry spinning processes.


  • Often found in wool and cotton blends due to its wool-like properties such as a high bulking and good heat retention properties
  • The fibers are obtained by wet-spinning and dry-spinning processes
  • Hardly susceptible to creasing and elastic
  • Has good light and weather resistance
  • Is dimensionally stable and not very sensitive to pressure


Especially settled in sportswear, the stretchy fabric always finds a supportive use in combination with other fibers.


  • Highly elastic fiber spun with natural or man-made fibers.
  • Is very stretchable and always returns to original shape
  • Tear resistant, durable and has high tensile strength
  • Dimensional stability, chlorine and perspiration resistance make it ideal for swimwear, sportswear and outdoor goods
  • Has good light resistance