Our Story

The roots of the Oui brand go back more than half a century when Paula and Mendel Gottesdiener laid the foundation during the economic boom in the 1950s for a family business that is still going strong today with the third generation at its helm. The collection, back then as well as today, has always been the star! Distinctive and unique. Modern silhouettes, glamorous details. A delicate meeting of seemingly distinct details.

Knitwear ...

celebrating craftsmanship to the full. Fine and soft. Elegant and light. Warm and snug. Caressing the skin. Decorative yet extremely comfortable.

Prints ...

that brighten up the collection, combining colours, inspirations, passions of the season. An expression of pure joie de vivre. Every single piece is full of passion and the aspiration to be special, different. A combination of contradictions and yet a harmonious unity.

Attention to detail ...

and clear lines. Always inspired by global trends. Stylish and always exciting. Unique – women who wear our style stand out. Fashionable and effortlessly fashion-conscious. Surprising, inspiring and full of joie de vivre. Today the third generation is continuing to run this company with great success, boasting 1,000 points of sale in Germany and just as many abroad.


From the very first draft to the finished collection - everything is decided, created and presented at our headquarters in Munich. What started here many decades ago is still being continued in the Bavarian metropolis today. With the same limitless passion as back then. And still as a family-run business.

The people who work here not only master the traditional disciplines of fashion or knitting, they live it every day and every second. Their passion for their profession determines everything. 

The design team puts their craftsmanship into practice and develops new ideas, which in turn can boost creativity. Resulting in modern, innovative looks that are taking Oui into the future. Something new is created by collecting and exchanging moments, encounters and impressions. Every seam, every knit structure, every button, every print – every detail counts as many sparks can ignite a great idea. Perfect craftsmanship is needed as well as a lot of passion and dedication to every centimetre.

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