Oui from 1975 till today

Oui Evolution

The Oui campaigns show the unforgettable moments, which played a significant role in the growth of the company. Carried out with the help of well-known models and renowned photographers at various locations around the world. From the playful hippie look of the seventies, through to the Oui man (1998), to the happy image of a mother (2004). Followed by the Oui woman one year later (2005) who proved that beauty has nothing to do with age. A modern woman in today's world is confident and shows that she enjoys fashion and life. These images clearly reflect what is very close to our hearts - Oui, Yes! Yes, we love women! – and we want to make women more beautiful! Beauty is more than just an ideal. Everyone has their own image of what beauty is. It is just as individual, diverse and wonderful as life itself.

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