Oui supports the
‚Elisa Sednaoui Foundation‘ (ESF) 

The Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign shooting took place at lake Ammersee with no less than the world famous model, actress, influencer and social entrepreneur Elisa Sednaoui photograhed by the renowned photographer Andreas Ortner focused to stage the out of the ordinary cozy knit styles.   

The moment we met we felt in love with Elisa – with her beauty that fits perfect our collection of cozy knit and the love to details, her kindness and emotion the shooting kindled in everyone of us. We are still in love with our campaign images! Elisa’s beauty matches perfect with every single piece of the collection, always made with love! We are proud that she presents our collection that good! What we love the most is not only her stunning beauty also her social commitment and her big heart for her family! 

All this good energy transforms into her generosity for children in the world and their education to make this a better world.

That touches our hearts from the early beginning, as family business that runs the company in third generation with a responsibility for future generations and we want to be a part of it – we donate 10% of the revenue of our online store to help „The Elisa Sednaoui Foundation“, that Elisa founded in 2013 to provide creative learning programs for children and youth to strengthen them for the complexity of today’s world and make them a role model for others.

„I created the foundation because there was a need around the world, starting with my own countries, Egypt and Italy, to invest more resources into giving opportunities of access to youth to a better quality education. We need to support academic education, which cannot bare alone anymore all the responsibilities of helping individuals realise their full potential, whichever it is.“ - Elisa Sednaoui

"Oui is a brand which believes in authenticity, self confidence and also the values of human connection and family I’m very grateful for Oui’s commitment towards education in the world." - Elisa Sednaoui

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