So fine and soft, so elegant and light, so warm and snug, caressing the skin. Pure luxury by Oui that is also extremely comfortable to wear. Being production specialists, our collections focus on knitwear. Innovations in knit and decades of experience and expertise in this field have been carefully cultivated and are continually being developed. Our design team is constantly working on shapes, colours, stitching and patterns. There's a lot of knitting going on and new things being tested. Mood boards are developed jointly, resulting in colours, shapes and patterns.

Ideas are followed by sketches, sketches are followed by prototypes, which are followed by knitted samples, which in turn are made into the outfits themselves. It's always the details that form the whole. Clear lines meet soft, three-dimensional knitting patterns. Feminine cuts, contemporary colours, surprising details and materials, which all create unexpected effects thanks to the layering trend. Always made with love.


Prints brighten up the collection. They unite colours, inspirations and passions of the season. They are the ultimate expression of playful femininity. They combine sensual silhouettes and clear lines with cool, glamorous details, reflecting the zeitgeist with style and class. Oui combines elegant design with quality and a feel for shapes. Designing prints is the ultimate in creative freedom and art. Our team creates many of these prints by hand. Sometimes photos are turned into something completely different, sometimes patterns are created out of thin air. We also work with world-famous studios, which create exclusive prints that can only be found at Oui.


Our collections are our lifeblood! Distinctive and unique. A delicate meeting of seemingly distinct details that form an exciting whole. Every single piece is full of passion and the aspiration to be special, different. A combination of contradictions and yet a harmonious unity. Clear lines, attention to detail. Always inspired by global trends. Women who wear our style stand out – unique, trendy, modern and full of joie de vivre. Always made with love!

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