The Oui Story


In 2022, we look back on 50 years of Oui - a story of passion that became love and ultimately a vocation. 

Back then, in the economic boom of the early fifties, Munich began to turn into a metropolis.  Together with her husband Mendel, Paula Gottesdiener founded the first label "LaGotte" for children's clothes, with the aim of offering people what they were missing - pretty and functional clothes for children.


When Nathan, Paula's son, discovered the world of women's fashion in the 60s, the development of the company took its course. Together with his wife Yael, the company took a new direction and focused on young fashion for women under the new name "Miss Lagotte". In 1972, the company found its current name Oui - a positive attitude to life concentrated in three letters. In the era of platform shoes and bell-bottoms, the slogan was added: "the young fad from Munich". Thus Oui was clearly at home and yet at home all over the world. Today with over 1,000 points of sale in Germany and 1,500 points of sale abroad.


Since 1998, the family business has been run by the third generation, Daniel Gottesdiener. Knit. Passion. Love. Today, as in the past, Oui stands for a passionate, life-affirming spirit and luxurious knitwear in all its facets. Casual styles created with attention to detail, always with the aim of putting a smile on your face. Integrity, teamwork and fun at work are top priorities in our Oui family.

Oui are family

It is women who inspire us - for them we design collections that are tailored to their fascinating personalities down to the last detail. Our style is unagitated and unique. Trend-conscious, fun-loving and effortlessly stylish, it reflects the uncompromising individualism that characterizes the Oui woman. The Oui woman of today, loves being a woman and expresses herself through what she wears - naturally and confidently. In our fashion, she should be allowed to live this feeling. Fashion that is always a little different and yet always herself. Unmistakable and unmistakable.


Fashion for us means playful, colorful and innovative. It is extravagant and never subject to fixed norms. For us, the woman who wears it is self-confident, open and individual. She is independent of dictates, free of prejudices and represents an extroverted attitude. Our keywords KNIT . PASSION . LOVE stand for knitwear in all facets of craftsmanship, unique prints, playfully and exclusively implemented, and our love for everything we do and what we do best - designing new fashion - always made with Love. Not only our company history stands for family, but also our community of loyal Oui fans.

Knit. Passion. Love.

So fine and soft, so noble and light, so warm and cuddly, so sensual on the skin. This is the ultimate luxury and inimitable wearing comfort from Oui. As a production specialist, knitwear is at the heart of every collection. Innovation "with the stitch" and decades of experience and expertise in this field are carefully cultivated and constantly developed. In our design team there is a permanent occupation with shapes, colors, stitches and patterns. There is almost always knitting and trying out new things. Colors, shapes and patterns are created from jointly developed mood boards. Ideas are followed by sketches, sketches are followed by prototypes, these are followed by knitting examples, and these in turn are followed by the outfits. It is always the details that form the whole. Clear lines that enter into a dialogue with soft, three-dimensional knitting patterns. Feminine cuts, colors of the zeitgeist, surprising details and materials that unfold unexpected effects in modern layering. Always made with love.


Prints convey the joy in the collection. They unite the colors, inspirations and passions of the respective season. They are the ultimate expression of playful femininity. They combine sensual silhouettes and clean lines with cool, glamorous details, reflecting the spirit of the times with style and class. Oui combines refined design with quality and a flair for shapes. Designing our own prints is the maximum creative freedom and art. Our team develops many of these prints by hand. Sometimes photos are transformed into something completely different, sometimes patterns are developed from scratch. We also work with world-renowned studios who develop exclusive prints that can only be found at Oui.


Our collections are our lifeblood! Distinctive and unmistakable. The subtle coming together of seemingly disparate individual pieces that create an exciting whole. In every single piece there is the passion and the claim to be something special. Contradictions that find each other and create a harmonious picture. Clean lines and attention to detail, always inspired by the world's hottest trends. Our style sets the scene for the woman who wears it - unique, trendy, modern and full of joie de vivre.

Our collections

Welcome to the heart of Oui, the design team. 
This is where creative ideas come to life, trends are set and years of experience are combined with exciting concepts to create what we are all about - fashion that is timeless yet always up to date. 

With attention to detail and passion in every product. Our long-standing designers are professionals in their fields, bringing experience but always new, innovative approaches to each project and finding their inspiration in fashion, art and culture around the world. 

From the first draft to the finished collection - everything is decided, designed and presented at our headquarters in Munich. The creative process in design always begins with this overarching inspiration theme, which is further sharpened with mood boards, fabric samples and initial sketches and takes its first shape before moving on to the development of prototypes in collaboration with the cut and technology department. The collections are optimised in fit and cut in several fitting sessions before the final product is created. 

Every seam, every knitted structure, every button, every print - every detail should be perfect for our customer. The diversity of the team and the irreplaceable know-how of each individual make it possible to create lovingly thought-out styles that bring a smile to every customer’s face. 

Cooperation with our long-standing suppliers also plays a very important role. Our business relationships have developed into friendships over the years. A close exchange, regular checks and continuous improvement of work processes are elementary to our success. Compliance with ecological and human rights standards is an important part of our values, which is why all our suppliers and partners are certified accordingly. Quality can not only be felt, but also effected.

Our Design Team

Pure female power and the creative minds behind our unique, monthly collections: our design team.

We interviewed Rita Zacher-Schätzl, Chief Design Officer at Oui, about Oui's knitting expertise, important key facts and trends for 2022 in the knitwear sector.

Hello Rita! To start with a personal question - how long have you been at home in the knitting world?

I would say all my life - I developed my passion for knitting in early childhood. It was so exciting for me to watch my grandmother knitting and to follow the process from yarn to a beautiful jumper. Since then, knitting has been my passion.


Why is the knitwear at Oui so popular with customers?

Our customers should feel comfortable, but also attractive and self-confident and radiate joie de vivre. Putting on a beautiful sweater or cardigan first thing in the morning is flattering on the skin and immediately creates a great feeling. This is the feeling we give our customers with our special knitwear collections. Every single part is developed with passion and attention to detail – already for 50 years.


So there's a lot of work in every stitch. What are the individual steps involved in developing a knitted piece?

The development has several building blocks. It always starts with the idea, followed by the selection of yarns, the development of the knitting structure and/or graphics to numerous fittings of the prototypes to create the perfect fit.


When it comes to knitwear, a wide variety of materials come to mind - what types of wool are mainly used at Oui and why?

Our customers mainly prefer organic cotton, as this quality is pleasant to wear on the skin all year round. For the winter months, we evoke emotions with light, soft and fluffy wool blends and get customers in the mood for a cosy winter.


Are there quality features that distinguish high quality sweaters from low quality sweaters?

Yes, you notice a big difference in quality, especially in the processing and the choice of yarn. We attach great importance to these aspects in order to offer our customers durable products that they can enjoy for a very long time.


In your opinion, what significant developments have taken place in the knitwear sector in recent decades and how have they influenced the production of knitwear at Oui?

Due to the rapid technical development in the last decades, knitwear can be produced in an expanded variety of patterns and techniques. A sensational revolution was the invention of Whole Garment knitting machines: sweaters are knitted here completely without seams. There is only one thread for sewing at the waistband and another at the collar.


What do you see as the elementary trends in knitwear for 2022?

The knitted overshirt, the knitted set, generally knit from head to toe and the knitted polo in T-shape.


Trends are always contrasted with the timeless - which knitting patterns/knitting styles are absolutely timeless for you?

For me, this is definitely the jumper in pithy bead trap structure.


Last but not least: As a knitwear lover, you naturally want to keep your favorite piece for as long as possible - what should you definitely keep in mind when caring for knits?

I machine wash all my jumpers at 30 degrees. It is very important to reduce the spin cycle to 600-800. Afterwards, the pieces should be left to dry flat and small knots of wool removed if necessary. After drying, simply steam up briefly and the ideal knitwear care is done.


Thank you very much for the nice interview!