The Oui story


Our vision

What started in a small sewing studio in Schwabing during Germany's economic miracle years, we are carrying on today as a successful fashion business: a commitment to delivering the best possible product. That was our grandmother, Paula’s, vision all those years ago. She made exceptionally beautiful, exclusive children’s clothes that delighted young and old. We set the same very high standards for our collections and want to make sure that the women who wear them can tell. That’s why we and our team are constantly searching for the latest techniques, innovations and materials to enable us to bring the very best product to market. At a fair price that offers excellent value for money.

The fact is, there will always be cheaper brands – but no-one offering comparable quality in this price segment. We have to believe 100% in what we choose to develop and include in our collections. Because we know that these pieces will make our exacting customers even more beautiful. From selecting fabrics to decoration, we draw on the necessary experience, the best knowledge and considerable attention to detail to create contemporary designs that won’t ever date and will always feel relevant. Favourite pieces that bring joy over and over again and complement every woman’s style. Passion you can feel. A feeling that comes across. That's what makes the difference for us.

Our philosophy

We are inspired by women – we create collections for them, tailor-made to suit their fascinating personalities, down to the very last detail. Our style is serene and unique. Fashionable, full of joie-de-vivre and effortlessly stylish, a perfect match for the uncompromising individuality of the Oui woman. Today's Oui woman loves being a woman and expresses this with her clothes – naturally and confidently. Our fashion lets her live out this feeling. Fashion that is always a little bit different but always true to itself. Distinctive and unique.

Fashion for us is playful, colourful and innovative. It is extravagant and ignores the norms. Women who wear our clothes are confident, candid and have their own style. They don’t follow rules, are open-minded and have an outgoing attitude. Our keywords KNIT . PRINT . LOVE stand for knitwear that celebrates craftsmanship to the full, unique prints that are playful and exclusive and our love for everything we do and what we do best – creating new fashion – always made with Love.

Knit – Print – Love

So fine and soft, so elegant and light, so warm and snug, so sensuous on the skin. That’s the ultimate luxury and inimitable comfort of Oui. As a production specialist, we make knitwear a focal point of every collection. We carefully cultivate and constantly develop innovation in knitting and our decade-long tradition and expertise in this area. Our design team are permanently occupied with shapes, colours, stitches and patterns. You’ll almost always find them knitting and trying out something new. The team develop mood boards together and out of these come colours, cuts and patterns. Concepts are followed by sketches, sketches are followed by prototypes, they are followed by knitting samples and finally come the outfits. It's always the details that make the whole. Clean lines meet soft, three-dimensional knitting patterns. Feminine cuts, contemporary colours, surprising details and materials that come together with modern layering to create an extraordinary effect. Always made with love.

Prints spread joy through the collection. They bring together the colours, inspirations and passions of the season. They are the ultimate expression of playful femininity. They combine sensuous silhouettes and clean lines with cool, glamorous details, reflecting contemporary trends with style and class. Oui teams superior design with quality and a flair for shape. Making your own prints is the ultimate in creative freedom and artistic expression. Our team develop many of these prints by hand. They might transform a photo into something completely different or conjure a pattern out of nothing. On top of that, we work with world-renowned studios to develop exclusive prints that you will only find at Oui.

Our collections are our heart and soul! Distinctive and unique. Subtly bringing together seemingly different individual pieces to create an exciting whole. Passion and the desire to create something special go into every single piece. Contradictions that come together and create a harmonious picture. Clean lines and attention to detail, always inspired by globally sought-after trends. Our style puts the woman wearing it in the spotlight – unique, on-trend, modern, full of joie de vivre and always made with Love!

The headquarters

From the very first draft to the finished collection, everything is decided, created and presented at our headquarters in Munich. What started here many decades ago is still being continued in the Bavarian metropolis. With the same limitless passion as back then. And still as a family-run business.

The people who work here not only master the traditional disciplines of fashion or knitting, they live and breathe them every day. Their passion for their profession defines everything.

The design team puts that craftsmanship into practice and finds new creative directions. This enables fresh ideas to develop. Resulting in modern, innovative looks that take Oui into the future. By collecting and exchanging moments, encounters and impressions, we create something new. Every seam, every knit structure, every button, every print – every detail counts, because many sparks can ignite a great idea. A lot of passion and dedication to every centimetre are needed alongside perfect craftsmanship.

Our team

We believe our staff are the key to success. Without these men and women, we wouldn’t be where we are today. That's why they are at the heart of everything we do. As a family business, it's important to us that we all feel part of one team. That our staff are motivated. That we take responsibility for each other. It’s a commitment made by our founding generation that will play a part in our future too. We look out for each other, respect every individual and develop our staff as much as we can. We work in fair conditions, adhere to high safety and social standards and are mindful of our values. Both at our headquarters in north Munich, where we employ 100 staff, and our international partner sites, we are working to make our vision of the best possible product a reality. From product development to manufacturing prototypes and sales and marketing – at Oui, everything is under one roof. Colleagues who have worked with us for many years have irreplaceable know-how that we value greatly. They work alongside newer colleagues to develop creative ideas and effective processes that will drive our brand forward and make it unique.