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Wäschepflege Guide

Laundry Care Guide

Oui x AEG

Whether your favorite wool sweater that feels like a gentle hug or your longtime denim that you've been on many adventures with: For all your precious garments, we've teamed up with premium brand AEG to create a Laundry Care Guide that guides you step-by-step on how to care for them and reveals useful tips you can always look up again, so you can enjoy your clothes for many years to come.


Before washing


- Sort laundry according to type and color
- Empty pockets, close zippers, button bed and pillow covers
- Turn pieces inside out, place laundry unfolded in the drum
- Use laundry nets for small, delicate or decorated items (with embroidery, sequins, etc.)
- Do not wash colored and white laundry together, wash new colored laundry separately
- Pretreat stains
- Pay attention to care label


When washing

Care symbols

To wash your clothes in the best possible way, you should follow the instructions in the care label. In this legend, we have explained all the care symbols and their meaning. Tip: You can print it out and hang it next to your washing machine.

Washing machine settings

The next step is to select the wash settings on your washing machine. You are unsure how to wash your piece of clothing? In our washing guide, we have summarized which settings you should select for which materials – with all the information on temperature, detergent and so on.


When washing material mixes, first check the care label. If you are unsure, you can follow the following rule of thumb: When washing a material blend, always wash according to the most sensitive material. For example, if you're wearing a jumper made of a silk/viscose blend, wash the piece as you would pure silk (cold at a maximum of 40 degrees celsius with silk detergent).


After washing

Washing machine cleaning

- Open the machine door and drawer when the machine is not in use to prevent bacteria and mold.
- Immediately remove washed damp laundry from the machine and hang it on the clothes line or place in the dryer to prevent wrinkling and mildew stains
- Regularly wipe door bellows and bellows to prevent resoiling of laundry when removing from machine


You can dry your laundry in two ways: in the air, i.e. on the clothesline or clothes horse, or in the dryer.

In the garden / on the balcony
- Ideal in summer, good ventilation of the laundry
- Drying white laundry in the sun: A natural bleaching process
- Drying colored laundry in the sun: Avoid, as the textiles can fade - drying in partial shade is better

In the living room
- Ensure sufficient air supply in the room: for a pleasant indoor climate and to avoid mold
- Allow air to circulate: Hang laundry freely, do not place it too close to objects
- Do not hang heavy clothes to dry, e.g. dry sweaters lying down to avoid deformation.


To speed up the drying process in the air, you can - if the material allows it - spin at high speed at the end of the wash cycle to remove residual moisture from the textiles.

In the dryer
Sensitive materials such as wool or silk can be dried more gently in the dryer than on the clothes line / horse and thus retain their shape and structure better. E.g. for blankets or jackets with down filling the feathers are prevented from sticking together, and for outdoor clothing the impregnation layer of the textile is closed evenly, thus maintaining the protective function.

- For dryer settings, check care label or care symbol legend
- Drying process on the clothes line also consumes energy - water droplets contained in the laundry during the evaporation process are transformed into water vapor, resulting in evaporative cooling, which can make more heating necessary in the cold months

AEG x Oui

Ironing / Steaming:

- Steaming: No instructions needed, except for silk – here, steam should not be too damp
- Ironing: Since ironing soleplate comes into contact with clothing, never set temperature too high - here too, pay attention to information in the care label or care symbol legend. For garments with decorative details, such as sequins, place a thin cloth under the soleplate to prevent catching.

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