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Neckerchief with tassels Neckerchief with tassels
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Neckerchief with tassels
49,95 € 
Scented candle with cedar wood Scented candle with cedar wood
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Scented candle with cedar wood
29,95 € 
Hand cream oui x Plainly Hand cream oui x Plainly
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Hand cream oui x Plainly
19,95 € 
Scarf in all-over print Scarf in all-over print
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COMING SOON Scarf in all-over print
59,95 € 

Accessories can quickly enhance your outfit and make it look different every time. Yet most women are too afraid to experiment with accessories. It doesn't matter whether you wear costume jewellery or real jewellery, because both create a well-rounded look.

Alternatively, try wearing scarves. You can either wear them loosely around your neck, integrate them into a hairstyle or tie them around your handbag handles. Make sure that a scarf with colourful patterns is best worn with a neutral outfit so that the whole thing doesn't look too cluttered. Your outfit is completed by picking up one colour of the scarf in the rest of your outfit.