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Maxi skirts

Maxi skirt with animal print Maxi skirt with animal print
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NEW Maxi skirt with animal print
139,95 € 
Maxi skirt linen Maxi skirt linen
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Maxi skirt linen
Pure Linen
149,95 € 

Elegant, casual, always on trend and perfect for summer: maxi skirts. These skirts not only make a great impression on the beach or at an evening event, but have long since found their way into the wardrobes of modern women.

The maxi skirt had its absolute peak in the 70s with colourful prints and eye-catching patterns. Since then, trendy maxi skirts have established themselves in the fashion world and are an absolute must-have for every fashionista.

Especially for casual and carefree looks, this skirt shape is perfect and brings a lot of lightness and elegance to your outfits.