Our attitude

When our brand was founded in Munich in the 1950s, the term sustainability as we understand it today didn’t even exist. Despite that, we had already understood the importance of sustainable management – and acted accordingly, based purely on intuition. Ultimately, we have sustainability in mind with everything we do. For us, that means creating timeless fashion that will continue to make the wearer feel great, season after season. Not only do many steps go into producing each garment, but also considerable attention to detail – and that’s something the women who wear Oui can feel. And that’s not all. Sustainability also means responsibility towards the past and future generations of our family business for example, something to which we attach a great deal of importance. Or using resources responsibly and treating people, animals and the environment with fairness and respect, just as we always have. That's how we can look back proudly on a long company history defined by respect and responsibility. And on a history in which high product standards meet Oui’s positive attitude. Sustainable action, belief in our values and modern thinking: we have stood for these things for some three generations.

Our suppliers

Our suppliers are our partners and we treat them as such. We know them all personally. And there's more: we share more than a generation of collaboration with most of them, as well as firm friendship based on mutual trust and appreciation. We spend months and often years looking for the best factories, specialists and manufacturers. Partners who are absolute experts in their fields and refuse to compromise on quality – just like us. Once we have found them, we invest in a long-lasting and loyal working relationship. Our producers and suppliers share our values. That’s why we trust them 100%. Our partners have grown up with Oui and become part of our family in the process. We grow with each other and learn from one another. We work through highly complex projects together, that we can be proud of. What could be more sustainable than a relationship like that?

As managers, designers and technicians, we are all regularly on site, visiting our producers. Checking products, conditions and standards and developing new highlights together. Because behind every garment that passes through our long production chain lies the work of many highly qualified and creative people. We know: our employees’ expertise is the key to our success. That's why it's important that everything is right – from social conditions to fair pay, ethical principles, working hours and safety at our production sites.

Our production

You can feel what makes Oui so successful in every fibre, every yarn, every meticulously crafted detail of our products: quality, durability, reliability, innovation and tradition. From fabric or accessory suppliers to knitwear producers – we entrust the production of our collections to experienced specialists. We work with selected manufacturers worldwide who adhere to our guidelines and standards and assume their social and environmental responsibilities, just as we do. And whose production processes are both progressive and sustainable. We don’t think of ourselves as an eco-label. But we strive to conserve as many resources, produce as few emissions and operate as environmentally soundly as possible – and we try to do a little better every day. That includes detailed, continuous monitoring of our production and supply processes – down to the tiniest step. Because we firmly believe that fair conditions are key to high quality. For us, sustainability and honesty and openness simply go hand in hand. As do the use of high-quality textiles and our efforts to protect the environment more. We only have one planet and we care about it. That has been true throughout our history and will remain so in the future.

Our environmental credentials

  • Out of love for the environment, we are also committed to using certified organic cotton. It’s a feel-good material that is healthy and comfortable to wear. As well as meeting our standards and those of our customers. Ultimately, organic cotton saves both resources and water and is free from fertilisers and other pollutant.

  • Our RTW and denims are over 90% European.That means we use predominantly European materials produced by renowned European supplies and partners.

  • Oui does not work with real fur or angora. Leather is a natural product and is a by-product of the food industry. We are currently in the testing phase of using recycled materials. Oui will be doing some more work in this area in the future.

  • We do not dispose of any unsold products. We do not destroy unsold products or throw them away. Instead, we offer our unsold goods at discounted prices later on in regular sales or at our outlet stores.

  • We also strive to set an example when it comes to shipping and packaging. The boxes that we use for shipping from our online shop are 100% recyclable. We pack the goods in a polybag to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition, and this is also for the most part made from completely recyclable material.

  • As an environmentally friendly company, we also encourage our staff to take the train rather than fly insofar as this is practical. Even when it comes to transporting our goods from Asia to Europe, we endeavour – with increasing success – to switch to rail and road routes.

  • Our headquarters in Munich are a plastic bottle-free zone. We use glass bottles and water filters instead. Fair trade coffee is free for all staff and we use this instead of coffee capsules.

  • We are in the process of compiling a detailed sustainability report which we will publish in the near future. We aspire to make the world a little better every day. We believe that this makes a difference. For a future that we can have a lasting impact on today.