How and when is my payment?

Generally, you have the option to select different payment methods. The debit from your credit card account or bank account occure immediately after processing your order, usually on the same business day.

*Please note:
To date, there have been no reported cases among the millions of completed transactions of end consumers who have entered their PIN and TAN number into the systems of Payment Network AG and encountered a problem with the instant transfer process. As a precautionary measure, however, we must point out that, in Germany, certain banks and savings banks consider that the use of instant transfers may lead to a shift of liability in the event of misuse, due to the PIN and TAN numbers being used outside their own online banking systems. This may mean that, in the event of misuse, the bank refuses to bear the cost which must then be borne by the end consumer. As yet, no end customers have found themselves the victims of fraud. However, as a precautionary measure, Payment Network AG has taken out its own policy insuring itself against cases of liability for up to €5,000 (for which the customer would otherwise be liable, should a PIN or TAN number be misused). Customers can therefore rest assured that, in the unlikely event of loss, potential liability claims against Payment Network AG are covered. The holder of the insurance policy is Payment Network AG.

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