We love plant-based natural fibers for their naturalness and versatility. That's why you'll find them in almost all of our styles. Here we show you which natural fibers we use, their properties and how to best care for them.


It is versatile and is used from jeans to T-shirts - an absolute classic among clothing fibers. Always comfortable to wear and can be seen in all kinds of colors.


  • Vegetable textile raw material consisting of 90% cellulose 
  • Formed from seed fibers of the subtropical cotton plant 
  • Felt-free and hard-wearing  
  • Skin friendly and resistant to heat 
  • Easy to clean 
  • The combination with spandex increases the shape stability 

Linen & Flax

After cotton, one of the most popular natural materials in fashion. Has a great feel, always provides a comfortable feeling in the heat and a natural look.


  • Is extracted from the flax plant
  • Consists of 70% cellulose combined with vegetable glue.
  • This provides strength, shine and absorbency
  • Popular used alone or in combination with other fibres
  • Ideal summer fabric due to cooling function