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Back to Office: Influencer Week

Influencer Week

What makes our return to the office after the summer vacation all the more exciting? The right office looks! That's why, during our Influencer Week from September 11 to 15, each day one of our Oui Family members will be presenting her personal on-duty style. From pinstripe suits to knitted sets to cotton shirts and vests: the perfect inspiration for your work wardrobe, preparing you for all your upcoming projects and deals to close!


Back to Office with Lena Terlutter

Lena Terlutter is a real powerhouse: In addition to her Instagram account, the mother of four manages a fashion store and two companies. That's why she knows exactly what matters when it comes to 9 to 5 Looks. She styles her favorite business outfits for us and gives us an exclusive glimpse into her home office.

Meet Ela

Effortless Ela

Cool, edgy, with lots of oversized and layered looks – Elas style is definitely unique. On her Instagram account @stilblock, she shares her casual outfits with over 35,000 followers on a daily basis. In an exklusive interview, we asked her everything you’ll need to know: How did it all start in the first place? What does her life look like, apart from Instagram? What’s her best fashion advice?

Meet Jonny

I'm fascinated by surprises

We paid our longtime campaign photographer Johannes Graf, aka Jonny, a visit in his Munich-based studio. He talked to us about his fascination for analog photography, the smell of wood and his desire to do something useful for society.



Inspired by our Bonfire Bazaar collection, travel blogger Yvonne from @lovelyforliving gives you an exclusive tour through Marrakesh and reveals the most breathtaking sights, tastiest food spots and need-to-know-facts.

Artist Edit


Oui celebrate art! From painters for whom dreams are the starting point of their work to authors who deal with the modern world of work: We take our Atelier Azur collection as an opportunity to introduce you to the works of six young female artists who captivate us and who you should definitely get to know. Raise the curtain on our artists!

Oui Magazine

Experience our brand, up close and personal!

Dive into the fascinating world of Oui with our new magazine! Captivating stories, exciting features, extraordinary people, all revolving around what we love most: Fashion.

The magazine tells you everything you’ll want to know about us: The people behind the brand, our long-term partners, influencers and simply everyone who is part of our big #OuiFamily – the spotlight is theirs.

Artists who tell us about their work, travel bloggers who enchant us by sharing glimpses into foreign cultures, long-standing partners that help up bring our visions to life, influencers who love Oui as much as we do and style our collection in their own, unique way.

Within our newly created magazin space, we would love to keep sharing brand-new insights and looks behind the scenes with you, allowing you to experience our brand up close and personal. With articles, interviews and features, as positive, life-affirming and exciting as we are. Oui - where stories come to life!