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Cardigan viscose blend Cardigan viscose blend
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BESTSELLER Cardigan viscose blend
99,95 € 
Cardigan 100% linen Cardigan 100% linen
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NEW Cardigan 100% linen
149,95 € 
Jacket french style Jacket french style
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NEW Jacket french style
159,95 € 
Quilted jacket with five pockets Quilted jacket with five pockets
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Quilted jacket with five pockets
159,95 € 

Jackets are an important part of a daily outfit and provide protection from wind and weather. We offer a variety of jacket types that differ in material, design and functionality. From light summer jackets to warm winter jackets, there is a suitable jacket for every season and every need.

In addition to classic outdoor jackets with water-repellent material, you will also find styles made of wool or knitwear such as overshirts or shirt jackets, which are perfect for the transition and can also be worn indoors or as an alternative to a sweater. For warm temperatures we love blazers made of linen that make any look instantly elegant.