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Knitted waistcoat with hood Knitted waistcoat with hood
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Knitted waistcoat with hood
129,95 € 
Denim waistcoat oversized shape Denim waistcoat oversized shape
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Denim waistcoat oversized shape
129,95 € 

Vests are handled like a jacket: Nothing else should be worn over the vest. Underneath, however, you can be very versatile. A vest without sleeves, which resembles a blazer in terms of fabric, you can combine very easily with a white blouse. This way, a casual, elegant look is created.

As a bottom part to it you can wear, for example, a black skinny jeans. A vest with a hood is the classic must-have. Just put on a sweater underneath and slip into jeans: Girl, you are ready with your sporty-casual look! If you want to show off your beautiful slim arms, we recommend wearing a tight-fitting top under your sporty vest.

But vests can not only look awesome, they can also fulfill functional purposes as outdoor vests. Especially vests made of down keep you warm and are still very light, because they have hardly any weight - perfect for a windy autumn day!

Remember: With vests you should make sure that the complete outfit doesn’t look too boxy. Apart from that there’s not much wrong to do with a vest.