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Our size advisor for your personalised recommendation

Use our size advisor, which will recommend your ideal size for each item after entering your details, thus avoiding unnecessary returns.  

Please check your cookie settings: You will only see our size advisor if you allow it. 

The more data you provide to the size advisor, the more accurate your size recommendation will be. All voluntary information about your gender, weight, height and age enables us to estimate your body measurements. These are compared with the exact item data for each of our products in order to recommend your ideal size based on the data. 

The number of hours of sport per week is a guide to the probability of the ratio of body fat to muscle mass and is therefore relevant for a better assessment by the size advisor. However, you can also leave the question unanswered if you feel uncomfortable with it. 


No, it is sufficient to enter your data once. The size advisor uses this as a basis to show you a recommendation for every product you are interested in - regardless of the product group, whether top or bottom. You can click on "Size advisor" for your desired product and receive a size recommendation based on the data you have entered. 

We analyse our returns as a whole and, if there are similarities between individual products, this information is included in the size recommendation.  

Your data is 100% anonymous, it is not stored anywhere and is never passed on.  You can find more information on this in our detailed privacy policy

No. Only the session ID with which we recognise you as a user is saved. If you delete your cookies, the data you have entered will also be deleted and you will have to enter it again for a size recommendation.