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Bei diesen Fasern füllt sich unser Herz mit Wärme. In traditionellen Verfahren gewonnen, sind sie vor allem aus unseren Strick-Styles nicht mehr wegzudenken. Erfahre mehr über die verschiedenen Arten und die richtige Pflege.


With these fibers our heart fills with warmth. Obtained in traditional processes, it is hard to imagine our knitwear styles without them. Learn more about the different types and the right care.


  • High quality wool obtained by combing the downy hair of the cashmere goat.
  • The fine hairs make the wool soft and lightweight
  • The wool is not susceptible to creasing and has a beautiful sheen
  • Only 125-300g of downy hair is obtained per animal, which makes the material very precious


We love especially in the cold seasons for its warming properties. As a renewable resource, it is durable and stylishly incorporated into different styles.


  • Warms and insulates without causing heat buildup
  • Is elastic, shape retaining and wrinkle resistant
  • Has a high moisture absorption despite the dry handle
  • Malleable, skin-friendly and dirt-repellent
  • When wool felts, unique looks are created


Belongs to the family of noble hair and due to the habitat of the animals like wool is popular for warming garments.


  • The fine undercoat of the animals is used for its warmth and texture
  • Here the alpacas are shorn only every two years
  • There are about 20 shades in the color spectrum of the coat
  • The wool is elastic and relatively light
  • Is processed purely or also in mixture with other wool kinds


Perceived as rather exotic, this natural fiber is in no way inferior to the more noble wool types such as merino or cashmere, as the undercoat of the animals is almost as fine.


  • For clothing, the hair of the two-humped camel is used, because its wool is soft and fine.
  • Since the animal loses up to 10 kg of its wool in the spring, shearing is not necessary.
  • The hair has a good heat capacity, a beautiful shine and a low tendency to wrinkle


Obtained from the hair of the Angora goat, it is one of the lightest textile fibers available and can be made even higher quality by adding silk.


  • Is the long haired and fine fluffy wool of the Angora goat.
  • The hair is pleasantly light and warm
  • Is mainly used for noble sweaters and scarves
  • In addition, the wool has a beautiful luster and it can be easily dyed